Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Intellectual Justification

There is truly no savvy support for this:

In a NBC profile of U.s. champion figure skater Johnny Weir this previous week, the ostentatious player is demonstrated lying on a love seat wearing a red sweatjacket with the embellishment of CCCP, the Cyrillic Russian initials of the old USSR.

Weir reacted with the accompanying:

"I realize that quite a few people, particularly the more Republican-style individuals, are exceptionally apprehensive about what I intend to the game and what I'm going to say, what sort of progressive, insane things are going to leave my mouth. What's more bravo. They ought to be terrified."

I'm certain Republicans lie in bunk during the evening, battling sleep deprivation, and awakening cool sweats when eminent Lethe doth touch base in alarm of what progressive things a figure skater could conceivably say.

My interpretation of this is straightforward: Communism = Nazism. Period. I know the two were ideologically restricted and Stalin and Hitler were normally intense foes and all whatever is left of the history lesson. Indeed, I know the historical backdrop of socialism genuinely well, particularly as it relates to Russia. Basically, I have arrived at the conclusion that not Nazism or Communism can guarantee the ethical high ground. I have no more admiration for somebody who says "I am a socialist" than I accomplish for somebody who says "Hitler had some great thoughts".

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